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About Us

The Company

This website is made by Yenit Company Limited. A registered Thai Company Limited. We are a small team of Thai and non-Thai employees, living in Thailand. We are developing Thailand and travel related web publications. We also focus on photography, Search Engine Optimizing (SEO) and graphic design in general.

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About the Website

Kohsamui.org is a travel guide to Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Koh Tao and the province of Surat Thani in general. It was first created in 1999 and has been online ever since. Our objective is to provide our visitors with relevant, fresh information about the region. We are updating the website at least every week (often daily) which makes it grow with new content continuously.

Please contact us if you want to ask a question or have any request. But please read our FAQ first. Our Facebook page is found here

We would like to thank all of our visitors! If you enjoy our website, we are more than happy if you mention it on your blog, website or just tell your friends about it. Without you, we are nothing!

Reproduction of Content

Please note that all material in the Kohsamui.org web site is prohibited to reproduce for commercial purposes, without an approval from us, but we do accept non-profit use of our content. Please contact us if you would like to use or reproduce any material or content from Kohsamui.org.

AN EMPLOYEE SINCE 2004 - Photo by Jens W - Kohsamui.org

Our Other Services

We also have a Samui based web design company and a Samui based computer shop. We are always trying to serve your computer and web needs on these tropical islands.

Safety and Payments

Any payment and booking made from Kohsamui.org are of course secured with a 256-bit encryption for your protection. Your safety is our priority!

Reservation 24, the company who are handling our booking requests, is one of the most prominent and most reliable hotel booking agencies in Asia, and the rates are often significantly lower than if you book directly at the hotel. Our recommendation is to only use reliable and experienced agencies when you are doing your accommodation reservations!

We accept most common credit and debit cards such as: Mastercard, Visa, American Express and JCB.

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Our Logotype Profile

Our company logotype was created in 2003 and consists of these basic colors:

White background (#FFFFFF)
Black logo text (#000000)
Red design details (#FF0000)
Light gray outline (#CCCCCC)

You are free to copy and use our brand and logotype in publications, websites etc. Please do not change the layout or the colors.

Yenit office

Website Statistics

Kohsamui.org has become one of the most visited webpages about this region and about Southern Thailand in general, according to traffic rankings in Alexa.com etc. In 2012 alone, Kohsamui.org received almost one million unique visitors and about three million hits. And we truly get our inspiration from our "faithful" visitors. Thank you!

Currently, more than 500,000 hotel nights has been booked through us.

In contrast to many other websites, our stats are public for any advertiser, as they are measured by an external company. We prefer to present them with honesty to our advertisers.

  Unique visitors from February 1999:

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Kohsamui.org is one of the most visited websites about these islands and the region. Why not let hundreds of thousands or even millions of visitors (all searching for information about the area) view your message and get to know about your business?

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About the Founder

  Name: Jens (nickname: Jensa)
  Born: In the early 70s in Stockholm, Sweden
  Lives: Koh Samui, Suratthani, Thailand
  First time in Thailand: 1989-90 (as a teenager)
  Work: Web and graphic design, photography
  Interests: Books, movies, exercising, internet
  Loves: My wife and family
  Enjoys: Tasty food, licorice, beach walks
  Dislikes: Ignorance and greed
  Favorite beach: Ao Thong Takian, Koh Samui

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Langsat fruits
ลองกอง - LANGSAT FRUIT - Photo by Jens W - Kohsamui.org

Learn how to cook Thai food

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Development - 1999-2013. This Koh Samui portal is developed by Yenit Company Limited. The majority of the photos are taken by Jens Weegar ( Facebook ).

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