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Koh Samui and Thailand Stories

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Full Moon Party in the 90's

Text by Jens from Kohsamui.org

In the early 90's the Full Moon Party still was somewhat a "secret". One of the hideaways from "mainstream tourism" for the party people and the backpackers. The number of participants were just a small fraction of the massive crowds you will find on Had Rin Nok at full moon nowadays. The atmosphere were naturally more intimate back then, but few remembered how it really started, a couple of friends playing guitar and dancing in front of a tape recorder on the beach, next to a beach fire. The party people on Samui and Phangan (most of them 20-30 years old) could sit for a week just playing guitar and cards, waiting for the next full moon. Then, most people arrived to Koh Phangan with the regular, rather slow ferry. The smaller and faster speed boats became popular later on.

The full moon party people were not that hard to recognize. Batik style shirts and sandals, flip flop style, were common clothing. Dreadlocks or "hippie style" hair as well. As soon as the moon was visible, the party started. Music pumped out from the small sound systems located at the Had Rin restaurants. People danced, danced and danced... I was in my twenties at this period and these parties was almost the ultimate source of enjoyment at this time. To sit down in the sand, cheering a bucket of mekong whisky, soda and coke in the light of the gigantic round light source in the clear sky. Dancing with new friends and just be one with the moment. I wonder how many thousands of girls and boys who have made new friends from all over the world, under the moon shine at Had Rin Nok.

There also were an illegal side associated with the party. Even though Thai "whiskey" and beer was, and is, the most used "stimulant" by far, some people chooses to use other illegal substances. There is no exaggeration to the fact that some people behaved rather odd, also after the sunrise. For some of these people, it led to a very unexpected ending of their holiday, ending up in the Surat Thani prison after being arrested by a policeman dressed in a hawaii shirt and shorts. Some has even ended in a psychiatric hospital caused by drug related psychosis. I have not been going to the party for many years now. I guess it would maybe somehow ruin my memories from the past. What makes your day in your youth is not necessarily what will make you happy in your thirties. Or who knows, maybe I will give it a try one day. I will (try to) not mind all party kids laughing...

More Full Moon Party info

Other stories: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

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