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Lease Samui Land

The Location

The land is situated in Lipa Noi, in north-western Koh Samui. Excellent location and flat land only 500 meters from Samui Ring Road and 4 km's from Nathon. Electricity and water. Government Road. Very quiet and nice area with tropical mountains in the background. Walking/bike distance to the Lipa Noi beach (1 - 1,5 kilometers) and Nikki Beach. Children and family friendly!

The Land Titles

The Chanote Title means true title deeds. This is the safest land certificate in Thailand and the plots are measured with GPS equipment.

Lipa Noi land
NEIGHBORING HOUSES - Photo by Jens W - Kohsamui.org

About the Plots

There are only 1 plot remaining. The plot is 1550 square meters in size and almost flat. The location is excellent for building a house/villa and surrounding garden and pool. A "must see" area.

Conditions and Price

A plot can be rent/leased from a minimum of 10 years up to a maximum of 30 years. The price is only 49,000 baht per year for a 1550 square meter plot if you sign a contract for at least ten years. The whole amount is paid in advance. We will (without any extra costs) help you to find a construction company to build your house if you require this. We reserve our full right to accept/not accept customers (before any payment is made). The contract has to be overseen and approved by a certified lawyer for your (and our) safety.

Colorful flowers
FLOWERS AFTER RAIN - Photo by Jens W - Kohsamui.org

To Buy the Land

The whole piece of land (1550 m²) is also for sale and the present price is 2,2 million baht.

For Further Info

Please send your inquiry to: contact@kohsamui.org. Please write "Koh Samui Land" in the subject field.

Lease our land

Road Access

The land is located just 500 meters from the Samui Ring Road. The first 250 meters are a Government Concrete Road and the remaining 250 meters are a Government "dirt road", but will have concrete within about one year. There are both water and electricity available.

The View

The land is almost flat and is surrounded by Koh Samui's spectacular mountains and tropical jungle. A few villas has been built in the neighborhood.

Building your House

The cost for building your house on Koh Samui normally is in the price range of about €200 to €500 per square meter. The price for a high standard and quality house of 100 square meters is about €30-50,000 depending on quality, standard and equipments. The price for a pool is from about €7,000 and up (depending on design, quality and size).

Additional Information

Why Lease and not Buy?

Foreigners have no legal rights to own direct land in Thailand. A Thai company or a Thai citizen can own land, but not an individual foreign citizen or family (As long as he or she is not investing at least 40 million Baht in the country). A long term lease is 100% legal though. Another factor in favor of leasing is the very high prices for flat land on Koh Samui.

Who Owns the Land Now?

The land is 100% Thai owned at present time. No foreign company etc. has any ownership in the land which guarantees your safety in the future. The lease and all contracts are always overseen and approved by a lawyer for your safety. These factors makes this a safe way to settle down in Thailand.

For Further Information

Please send your inquiry to: contact@kohsamui.org. Please write "Koh Samui Land" in the subject field. We will reply as soon as we can, probably within 48 hours.

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