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We receive thousands of e-mails every year and we are always trying to answer each of them within 48 hours, but sometimes it might take a little longer. We really appreciate your suggestions, remarks or even criticism, as it makes us better. But please do not send us spam.

Below you will find all the contact information you'll probably need.

To Ask Questions

Didn't you find all information that you were looking for? Do you still have a question about these islands or traveling in Thailand, send it to us. But do always try our Frequently Asked Questions first, or our links. There are a lot of valuable information to be found there. Note! We can not always reply the same day. To get your travel related question answered, please post it on our Facebook Page and we will do our best to answer it as soon as possible (normally within 48 hours).

Photos and Stories

Send your best Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Koh Tao or Full Moon Party photos to us! If you are a good photographer, you might get your on gallery page. You will not get paid, but if you want, we will add your name, a link to your website or your e-mail address. Notice! We can only publish about 25% of the pictures sent to us.

By sending your photos to us, you automatically reserve our right to published anywhere on Kohsamui.org, but we will never sell or give them to anyone without your approval. You can also send your Thailand related story or stories and hopefully get it published here.

  Contact e-mail: contact@kohsamui.org

Thai spirit house
A THAI SPIRIT HOUSE - Photo by Jens W - Kohsamui.org

Web or Graphic Design

If you want us to create a website or a logotype, commercial or not, you will find that we can combine quality with reasonable prices. If you want to check out some of creations that we have developed, just go to Yenit.com or contact us.

  Contact e-mail: contact@kohsamui.org

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To Advertise on this Site

Many thousands, or even millions, of Samui and Thailand visitors and inhabitants will see your advertisement when published on this webpage. Kohsamui.org had more than 1.1 million unique visitors the last 12 months, and all pages had about 3 million views. If you need some help with the banner design, we'll do it for you for free. Our objective is a 100% satisfaction rate among the advertisers.

  Prices of our ad packages are found here
  You will find our advertising policy here
  For further info: contact@kohsamui.org

Anders at work
ANDERS AT WORK - Photo by Jens W - Kohsamui.org

Buy or Sell Domains

Purchase a Thai or travel related internet domain for your Thailand or traveling related website. Or do you want to sell one to us? A easy-to-remember .com/.net/.org/.info web domain is the first step to a webpage with many visitors. Our present prices are found on our main page. If you purchase three domains or more, you will get a 20% discount.

  Contact e-mail: contact@kohsamui.org

Infinity pool
AOM IN THE INFINITY POOL - Photo by Jens W - Kohsamui.org

Reciprocal Links

Do you have a Thailand related website or a quality travel page? Do you want to exchange links or banners? Please understand that we can not accept all requests as we get MANY. Please do also read our link guidelines carefully before you submit your link to us. It is found at the bottom right of our link page.

  Contact e-mail: contact@kohsamui.org

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