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A Blog about the Daily Life on the Tropical Island of Koh Samui


Text and Photography by Nike - Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Every once in a while I get the feeling of utter longing and yearning for my home country. I'm sure this is a feeling shared by many a world traveler, expat or any other person referred to as a foreigner because they are currently not in their home country. Don't get me wrong, Koh Samui definitely feels like home to me by now. I love the culture, I enjoy the food, I'm forever in awe of the island's beauty, I'm used to the way things proceed here, and I truly enjoy the lifestyle. It is not with regret that I say I still get homesick. I guess it's just one of those inevitable things... makes me wish I could be in multiple places at once. I miss my family and friends and try to keep in regular contact with everyone via the Internet, though at times I feel that I miss out on so many things back home... birthdays, holidays, births, weddings. How remarkable we are, human beings. We always want what we can not have at the specific moment in time. When I'm in South Africa, my home country, I always long for a different country, new adventures, more travel experience and a lifestyle contrary to the one I currently have. As soon as I leave my home turf, I all of a sudden find myself reminiscing about my native culture, language, traditional food and other small things which usually annoys me while I'm there. The heart is a strange thing indeed.

Two coin phones

"Feeling and longing are the motive forces behind all human endeavor and human creations." - Albert Einstein

Making international calls from Samui is very expensive. Skype is a great way to communicate with loved ones abroad, but there is another alternative method you can use here on the island. Outside most 7/11's or Family Marts, you will see small telephone booths or telephones mounted on the wall, usually yellow. These can be used to make international calls. All you have to do is buy a calling card from any of the above mentioned shops, scratch it to reveal a pin code and follow the instructions above the yellow telephones to make a phone call. It is fairly cheap and for only a few baht you can talk for a substantial amount of time. Whenever I get this home sick feeling I make a few calls to friends and family and almost instantly regain my composure. Nothing quite like hearing familiar voices, and some assurance that they would much rather be on a tropical island like Koh Samui than in South Africa. It helps to know that everyone is doing fine and not having too much fun without you, and that things are still unchanged in your home country, just the way you left them, for beautiful Samui.

A Thai pay phone

"Longing is a compass that guides us through life. We may never get what we really want, that's true, but every step along the way will be determined by it." - Joan Chittister

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