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A Blog about the Daily Life on the Tropical Island of Koh Samui

Olle is blogging A few Words about Me

  My name is: Olle
  I am living in: Lamai Beach, Koh Samui, Suratthani, Thailand
  I am originally from: Stockholm, the capital of Sweden
  Doing for Kohsamui.org: Writing a blog about my life here
  What about my life here: Just read my blog below

The Sun Is Back

Text by Olle - Living on Lamai Beach - Friday, January 7, 2011

The ending of this week has been good, today we had a lot of sun even if not a clear blue sky so I think many people here were happy today. I feel sorry for those who spent all their time during these days without any sun.

Almost every night we have had clear sky filled with stars but in the morning the clouds has been back again. The last walk during these nights when the sky is filled with stars is fantastic, I really love it then. It is quiet and dark and I will make sure I will be able to relax in a horizontal position outside in the future. One of these fantastic nights a guy drove by and stopped beside me, he said "go" and pointed on the seat of his bike. I first did not really get what he meant, I was out walking my dogs. But he cannot meant anything else than if I wanted to hitch a hike with him. I replied that I was taking a walk with my dogs and thanked him. He drove off and about 30 meters away he falls to the ground with a bang. I did not smell any alcohol or anything but I guess he was drunk or anything. He managed to get back up and after a while he also got the engine running again and took off for the second time. The street was left with big marks from the bike. He fell in the middle of the road so I have no clue how he made that happened.

Today I also went to visit a superb friend of mine who lives close by. While we sat chatting his dog started to bark at a Thai guy which happened to be the guy I saw on the bike a few days ago. Since both me and my good friend love to teach each other things I showed him to handle the dog in that situation. Well that was the second time. The first time the Thai guy took a 4 meter long palm leaf and ran towards the dog screaming before we had the time to do anything. But just a few minutes after the guy came back again and I took the opportunity. The dog had never been told anything before and did test me a little for a few minutes before he really submitted. My friend thought is was pure magic. From the dog point of view it was all about the leaves and tree bark on the ground that he thought was his toys which these man took from him. A lot of Thai people are not very popular among dogs and the reason is simple because they treat them bad and makes the dogs scared of them.

Today on TV we saw a show from the island where they visited a new resort. The show must have been recorded a while ago because this is the resort which got the complete beach wiped away during the rainy months we had. The bar they had a short distance from the shore went straight in the sea and now they have no beach at all but the yard goes right in to the water, thats being unlucky. Have a good weekend.

New Year, New Adventures

Text by Olle - Living on Lamai Beach - Thursday, January 6, 2011

I have been laying low for a while now so I guess it is time to drop off a few lines again. To get rid of the less good things I start with those. Today it has been raining all day, almost and right now yes, it is raining. Yesterday it was raining a little but we had no sun at all. What is this, last year was dry as crazy do we get back everything now instead? This week was the first time in months I have been able to balk without getting my feet totally wet and now it all fills up again. Our yard is a swimming pool, a shallow one but still.

It has been so long so I honestly do not remember what I wrote last time. Our plans on moving has not gone well. I guess I mentioned that before and we still have no house so I guess it will be a trip back and forth to Phuket again. I have to be there the 11th and stay a few days. I was hoping that I would not have to spend time and money on going back here again just to pick up things and take care of the moving since we have been driving more than enough al ready and with these gas prices now above 40 bath/ liter and hotel and so on, yes it cost money here too so I really hope we find a house we like where they also accept our four legged family members.

The good things are that things are really picking up and if the light is as bright as it looks from this distance things will be awesome so I guess I will not be around writing here much longer.

Now it also came to me that this is the first time since new year I write so I have to tell you that we went to Chaweng even if we thought we would not. It was just as fabulous as last year. There were a lot of people on the beach and the atmosphere was perfect. At midnight a firework show started in the sky that was mind blowing and a few explosions occurred on the beach as well. One big firework got stuck and started to explode on the ground and this one had several things to fire before it was done. I could not see how it could happened but I only saw people running towards us with sparkling red light shooting after them with big bangs. We were not very far away but anyway the people who were closer seemed to be okay. After midnight we stayed for a while before we went back home to Lamai. The streets were almost empty so I guess most people spent the time somewhere else, a little surprising.

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