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A Blog about the Daily Life on the Tropical Island of Koh Samui

Olle is blogging A few Words about Me

 My name is: Olle
 I am living in: Lamai Beach, Koh Samui, Suratthani, Thailand
 I am originally from: Stockholm, the capital of Sweden
 Doing for Kohsamui.org: Writing a blog about my life here
 How about my life here: Please read my blog below, my friends

Short Trip

Text by Olle - Living on Lamai Beach - Friday, October 22, 2010


Today in the morning we took Nala to the vet again. This time to the a bigger vet clinic to see if they could find the reason for her extreme itching. When we got there we were almost alone so we did not have to wait that long. First they did a skin test and it showed no sign of skin parasites or anything like that. This meant that it must be an allergy or something like that.

Now she will not get to eat any chicken for a while because Thai chicken is packed with hormones to make them big fast which could be the reason. She also got steroid pills that would get rid of the itching and at last a new shampoo. It would be nice if it got better because the itching is really bad.

Since we went to the vet I did not go to the gym and in the very late afternoon when my sister had woken up we went for a mountain ride. When got to a few hundred meters up we met two Thai girls with their 8 week puppies and we stopped and talked to the girls for a while and played with their puppies. They had found them and now took care of them. They went up to the mountains to let them play. While we were standing there a man in a pick-up truck went by and soon after he returned. He had planned on going to the northern side over the mountains but the dirt road had been completely washed away by the rain last week so he could not go. After we had talked for a while we continued to see the road and only a short distance away the road were partly gone leaving deep scars in the road and it would take an off road bike to get by so I turned around even though I have forced my motorbike through a lot of bad passages before. When we got down the sun were about to set already, since we went away that late we did not have time to see anything more but instead we went to eat some noodles at my favorite place.

The weather has been very good all week and we have not had a single drop of rainfall. The week before the weather was very cloudy so I think my sister had a good timing, how ever she do not care that much about the sun but it sure gets more beautiful to see the views in a sunny weather.

Have a great weekend.

One Lap

Text by Olle - Living on Lamai Beach - Thursday, October 21, 2010

Today I took my sister for a drive around the island. We first drove down to the flatlands to see that landscape which I like and for the first time in over a year the water level in the reservoir was hight enough to cover the ground. We then went to a temple on the west-coast and after that we took a drive up to one of the waterfalls. It was more water than it usually has been during the times I visit. When we turned up the waterfall from the main road a guy stopped the car and said we had to park thee and then have them taking us up to the area. This has happened to me before but of course it is just a try to fool tourists. I said that we will go to the waterfall and not park here and he replied that we had to park here. I then said that I have been here many times and I know that I can go up there with my own car. He replied in Thai that he did not understand a word of what I was saying. I told him that I was sure that he understood 100% of what I had been saying. Ok, you can go, he then said in Thai.

We also took a short stop at the Dog Rescue Center, I think this is a good thing to do and then we kept going al the way around until we got back home. We got home just at the same time as Nui and after we had taken a shower we went to Chaweng to eat dinner. We went to a pizza place, but first we strolled around but since we could not decide where to eat we ended up there. The last time we were here the pizza were great, this time the taste was okay but my Calzone was about 3 mm thick and that is not much of a filling compared to last time when it must have been at least a few cm thick.

After the dinner we walked around for a while before we went back home. I had planned that we should go down to the beach after the dinner but that we totally forgot. Guess that will be another day. Tomorrow we will probably take a drive up to the mountains to check the great views.

Family Member On Visit

Text by Olle - Living on Lamai Beach - Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Today we had another very nice day with sun. The baby buffalo had found himself a big pool of water even though it had not been raining and he enjoys his bath really much. I took a longer morning walk than usual and the sun made it really hot. At the time I got back home I was thirsty as a buffalo even if the walk was not especially long.

In the afternoon my sister called me and said she had been able to change flight so she would arrive on the island about an hour earlier. I drove to the airport and she arrived ten minutes earlier than scheduled. As always it is so fun to meet family members that I have not seen for a long time. We went to check in and then drove to our house. Nui had not yet come home but we had plenty of other family members to say hello to. After a short while Nui rolled in as well and then we went to eat and also to visit Tesco to pick up a few things. We ate in a small local restaurant since my sister of course wanted to eat Thaifood.

In the late evening I went down with my sister to the bungalow and we sat talking until very late. We have a lot to catch up on and it is just fun to hang out together. I guess tomorrow it will be a day on the beach, at least a few hours but in the morning I will go to the gym as planned.

Nice Weekend

Text by Olle - Living on Lamai Beach - Monday, October 18, 2010

The weather this weekend really took a turn to the better and we have not during the last three days had good or at least decent weather with mainly sunshine. This morning Nui and I woke up to cats fighting, the last few days a black cat that we have seen now and then has been coming here to fight without little Won Wai. Black has come to the rescue several times but this morning he might have been on an adventure. When I got out Won Wai was laying under the car and when I went closer I saw that he only had one eye open. The other eye seemed okay when I checked it but he did not open it up until the after noon. All day he was just resting which is not at all what he use to be like. I guess he got taken down to earth and further down.

The weekend has gone by in a snap, I have been by the computer very much kind of boring really. Last Friday I went to the gym to see what it felt like and damn, that was hard. When I get these throat infections they really get stuck for months. Anyway I did my session and went home exhausted but I did not feel like last time when I almost died. Today it felt even a little bit better so anyway it is in the right direction.

Tomorrow my sister will come visit us for about two weeks, that will be so nice. I have not seen her in more than one and a half year now. She will get here in the evening so I will go pick her up at the airport. I really hope this weather stay now for a while so that we can enjoy the sun when she is here, at least most of the time. A real rainfall is an experience but it is not necessary to experience that for many days. In other parts of Thailand the rain has been causing the biggest flood in 100 years and what I have seen on TV looks really bad and today I heard that it will be even worse.

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