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A Blog about the Daily Life on the Tropical Island of Koh Samui

Olle is blogging A few Words about Me

 My name is: Olle
 I am living in: Lamai Beach, Koh Samui, Suratthani, Thailand
 I am originally from: Stockholm, the capital of Sweden
 Doing for Kohsamui.org: Writing a blog about my life here
 How about my life here: Please read my blog below, my friends

Coffee and Dogs

Text by Olle - Living on Lamai Beach - Friday, September 17, 2010

Today I had to go get the coffee that Nui have not been able to get for a month. The system in the store had for some reason not placed an order even though they were out of stock. From then they have said that they will get it in one week, and then one more week and so on. Yesterday was the last date they gave us but when I went there they still did not have it. I then went to speak with the people handling the orders but they had no clue at all what coffee I was talking about and I did not remember the name of the brand but only the very special package. When I was about to call Nui to ask one of the girls asked if a girl with the name Nui had been asking about this before and suddenly it all became clear. They said they will have it in one or two days. The coffee Nui has been using now really is not that tasty at all.

When I had been back at home for a while I heard Black and that other dog starting a fight but I first did not care, they were kind of far away and usually they quit fast as well. This time however they did not quit so I hurried over and saw that it were three dogs and a small girls on a motorbike who tried to stop it without any result. I got the big new dog to back off but the stupid Black who never really attack kept barking which still triggered the big dog. When I put Black to the ground the big dog came closer and I had to make him back off again and for the first time he growled towards me and I felt that he really could bite. After a while I got Black to back off and I went back home to get a stick just in case and it is far more easy to handle more dogs when having some longer object. I then forced this big dog far away and I could really see that he wanted to go back, I think he lives in any of the houses on a street close by us and he did not know where to go. I turned back home and he followed me and suddenly he ran as crazy back home. This dog is a Bangkaew Dog but looks a bit more as a herd dog than they usually do. He for sure is not an evil guy but he is far to confident and if he would feel just a little cornered he would bite for sure. I hope that it will not escalate into something serious.

A Better Day

Text by Olle - Living on Lamai Beach - Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dog and Cat

After the craziness with the new PC the day has been great. I went to the gym in the morning which I had not time to do yesterday and last week I did not go there at all. When I got home we had some dark clouds in the mountains and we heard the thunder in the distance.

The little kitten who we named Won is having a blast running around just as a crazy little kitten should do. Black thinks he is very interesting and they are learning how to read each other more and more. Even Nala has had her moments with Won. People who know Nala would probably think the picture is fake but it is not. It is still a lot more to do until they can be together in the way I want and she still gets into her hyped state of mind if not staying close by all the time.

In the evening I went with Nui to Tesco, Khun stayed at home playing at the new computer. He use to play a dancing game and if buying ice-cream from seven eleven one can collect codes that makes it possible to buy new clothes in the game. Very smart marketing, which I really do not like. Anyway Khun asked us to buy one of these ice creams and on the way home we did. When we got home we said that we forgot to buy the ice cream and he was not far from tears. After some minutes game him the ice cream but the face did not change. Nui had bought the wrong brand and there was no code on this one, close to tears got even more close. A few minutes later he ate the ice cream any way, guess he got over it kind of fast.

Now we will enjoy a big fruit plate with pineapple and lynchee.

What A Weekend

Text by Olle - Living on Lamai Beach - Monday, September 13, 2010

On Sunday we decided to buy the new laptop that I did not really have to buy but more or less had to since I will need to be mobile sometimes. We took off to Chaweng and bought the computer which the store would set up and asked us to come back in about one and a half hour. Meanwhile we went looking at a new TV furniture at a store we had been visiting earlier in the weekend. The one we wanted had to be ordered and would be here in about a week. About one and a half hour later we returned to the store and picked up the new computer and went back home, unpacked it and turned it on and tried to log in to internet. Failure! The internet could not be reached. Very strange and after I tried all I could think of I had to surrender without understanding what was wrong and I also got extremely pissed off. We have never had any problem with logging in to the net with our friends computers, which by the way are Macs. Early in the morning we went back to the store and they had no problem at all to enter the net and asked me to do some changes in the router which I went back home and tried without success. The router could bee reached all the time, but not the internet but the Mac was working just fine.

We went to the Lamai store with all the equipment and after a while they said they fixed it. We went back home, plugged everything in but it still was not working. We then took off to Chaweng again and they said that it must be the modem that had a conflict with this computer. Nui thought it was better to change to another computer but not to a Mac and I really did not want to spend twice the money for a computer that would only be used for easier tasks either. We then got presented with the idea of buying a new router with integrated modem which probably would solve the problem. After a few minutes of thinking we bought the new gear for a few extra thousands and went back home. I inserted the installation CD and followed the first instruction just as if I did not know anything about routers, inserted the power cable and turned it on. Then the second instruction to attach the ethernet cable between the computer and the router and the indicator lights went on as it should. I clicked next and a message appeared saying the cable was not yet attached. What the f##k, how can this simple task go wrong. I did not have any more patience with this so we went back to Chaweng again, for the third time. At this time we had been doing this for 9 hours already and I cannot describe my frustration. At the store I showed the guys exactly what I had been trying at home for a few times but this time, it worked as a charm, what a surprise. They asked me to try access the net just one more time and I said I would, but if this failed I stick with a Mac computer without caring about the money. At home it did not work to access the internet because the password to the internet company that we had been provided last year did not work. Bummer, when we had so much problem with the internet a few months ago the guys obviously changed the password without telling us and it was only inserted into the old modem that was now in conflict with the new computer. After some phone calls we got the new password and after they then had reset our connection at the internet operator it finally worked. Great it was working after 9 hours non stop work. The computer ended up being several thousands more expensive than expected plus that one day work was gone which added some more. We also had the great luck of being caught in a police control where they checked helmets and had to pay a few hundred and spend about 40 minutes. This is something we have not seen here for over a year and it was not really the best day if I could have my say about it.

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