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A Blog about the Daily Life on the Tropical Island of Koh Samui

Olle is blogging A few Words about Me

 My name is: Olle
 I am living in: Lamai Beach, Koh Samui, Suratthani, Thailand
 I am originally from: Stockholm, the capital of Sweden
 Doing for Kohsamui.org: Writing a blog about my life here
 How about my life here: Please read my blog below, my friends

Little Puppy

Text by Olle - Living on Lamai Beach - Friday, July 2, 2010

Water Fun

Yesterday I woke up when Nui got home after she had dropped off Khun at school. She had then gone to 7-eleven to get some things. When she came out from the store a car was driving by in very high speed and ran over a puppy right in front of her eyes. Nui hurried out in the street while the car did not care to stop but just kept going. She picket up the puppy and sat down beside the road. The puppy was not dead but the tire had hit right over the body and she realized that her first thought of getting quick help was not an option. The little puppy died in her arms in just a minute. While she sat there crying by the side of the road a few people who went by asked if it was her little dog. She said no, which made the by passers wonder why she was crying then. Nui did not care to answer but asked me at home why so many people seemed heartless.
Later in the day we went to Chaweng to the post office but the 1 July was a bank holiday so we had to go back home again. Just our luck!

Today we went to make a new try, we only had one bank left to try and we stepped into their office in the morning, sat down with a man and explained. To open this account it had been clear that I was in need of a work permit. Just for curiosity we wanted to know what paper he wanted to see to make it possible to open the account and I asked in Thai, IF I had a restaurant here, what paper is it that you want to see. The answer we got was, where is your restaurant. I responded by saying, no, no. I do not have any restaurant here but IF I had one what paper is it that I need to bring to you. He again responded with, where is your restaurant and his index finger was pointing towards the road outside. Nui and I looked at each other and Nui took over and said the same thing again. Guess what answer we got, yes the exact same as before. We again looked at each other and laughed, looked at him while still could not resist laughing, said thanks and left. What a smart ass, he really must have been retarded for real. We could not get pass that phrase. Even though he was acting very slow from start it was kind of chocking. The first thing he said when we said what we wanted was that it would be easier to have a regular account, this he said very slow after a long break of silence a few times.

We then went to another bank that we actually already had been to before. I changed my plan and just said that they must have been misinformed about the rules and explained that in my case it is not a problem to open this kind of account. The girl went away for a few minutes came back with an older lady and then it just went as we wanted. It sure was not easy but a great ending on the week. Now I hope we do not have to get any more bad surprises and that we can have everything done next time we go to the capital.

We have also had time to spend a lot of time with the family both by the pool and by the sea. Have a nice weekend.

Bank Matters

Text by Olle - Living on Lamai Beach - Wednesday, June 30, 2010

When we had wake up this morning and done our daily routines Nui and I went to visit our Bank. The purpose was to open up an account that could handle a specific currency, that's it. However this seemed to be harder than expected. Two banks could only handle a few currencies and the next bank needed a work permit while another needed a visa of no less than six month. In my case I would spare 100 000 thousand bath to use this currency instead of making a regular transfer where the money will be exchanged in to Thai bath. If I could do this I would be able to get the visa I had planned but now I got stuck in a catch 22.

Tomorrow we will check with one more bank and otherwise just present my latest one year visa that has expired and see what happens. One could think that if married to a Thai citizen it would not be a problem to open such an account but Thailand is Thailand and they have so many strange rules it sickens me.

Before I left the bank where I have my regular accounts I asked to see the currency if transferring money through internet. I wanted to see if it was best to let my Swedish bank do the exchange or that Thai bank. I got a horrible rate from my bank and on my way back home I turned back to ask some further questions because I did not think this rate could be the right one. I again explained and got the same rate. I then asked about the exchange rate for bills and the girl was just staring at me so before I got any answer I told her that there are different rates for different things. After a few seconds of waiting while she was checking her computer I got the true rate. It really seemed as all the people involved in my question did not know about the different rates for different kind of transfers, very odd. In this case it was anyway better to let the Thai bank do the exchange.

When I was done with the bank I went to my family, the time was already past 16 but these things need to be taken care of now so I have no option. We then stayed by the pool and then ate dinner at home. While eating we saw a couple of Thais entering the small resort and we thought they had just arrived. A few minutes later the owner came to apologize for the noise the people had made. It was not any costumers but people nearby who sneaked in to take a shower because the water from the government has dried out. This year has been extremely dry and when we went on out trip around the island a few days ago one of the water reservoirs was extremely dry and many places completely dried out. The water level a year ago I estimate to be about 4 meters higher or even more.

Damn Internet Company

Text by Olle - Living on Lamai Beach - Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It feels like the weather is slowly turning to the better with more sun even if the day have been cloudy they get thinner and thinner. We had a day at the pool and for the first time I managed to make myself seasick just of diving and being in the water for 7 hours. Probably because I was staying under water most of the time but that is normal for me. Khun loves the water too and everyday when he comes home from school we go straight to the beach or the pool, good exercise in many ways.

The last two days the air-force have been practicing over Samui and the nearby area and they are not shy cranking up the speed. A few times things were shaking in the house when they passed by one after one making sharp turns above us over and over again. A more beautiful landscape to practice air combat I think is very hard to find.

I have not been doing much on the computer lately because I rather spend the few weeks with the family but the time I spend by the computer the internet has been more off then on. A new company recently took over and since then it has just been a big mess more or less every day. Luckily the connection comes to live every time we call them but it feels a little stupid having to call them every day. Yesterday their excuse was that the cables were to small, as if I would care about that. It was not a problem for the other company. The first time they said a cable had come out if its socket and today that they would have to check the cables to my house. I hope they will get it all fixed soon.

Tomorrow I think it is time to head to the gym again, I have not been there in a week and I think I have only been there two or three times the last month so even if I do not feel like it I will have to force myself there.


Text by Olle - Living on Lamai Beach - Monday, June 28, 2010

We had a great weekend and our Saturday adventure was a hit. We went to a few waterfalls, temples, Dog Rescue Center and beaches. Since my parents now have one of my previous dogs that I took from the Dog Rescue Center here at Samui they thought it was extra interesting to see what it looked like. They had several puppies that were about to be sent to Europe to new families but of course they wished they had more families that adopted there dogs. We stayed there for a while cuddling before we continued our trip north towards Nathon.

We also went to see a few other places, less interesting for most tourists. One of the places was a water reserve that now had gone extremely dry and the ground got big cracks in it as wide as one decimeter. One of my brothers went walking on the dry land when he noticed that some of the dried poles of sand he walked on was sinking a little bit. When he was about to take the last few steps to land he sunk down quickly and lost his shoe in the mud. When he tried to get it back he sank down almost to the waste but since he was just at the shoreline he could climb up. However he was covered in thick creamy mud. The sandy ground that he had been walking on was not the bottom of this "lake". When we tried to check the depth with a long stick we did not reach any hard ground, scary. When we got back home we had been walking a lot and we relaxed in the pool before Nui made a wonderful dinner. We never had time to visit Big Buddha and some other places so that is on the schedule next weekend.

Today we spent most of the day on the beach. The weather has been very cloudy lately but the sun makes a visit a little now and then but the sky is anyway bright during the days so it is okay.

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