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A Blog about the Daily Life on the Tropical Island of Koh Samui

Olle is blogging A few Words about Me

 My name is: Olle
 I am living in: Lamai Beach, Koh Samui, Suratthani, Thailand
 I am originally from: Stockholm, the capital of Sweden
 Doing for Kohsamui.org: Writing a blog about my life here
 How about my life here: Please read my blog below, my friends

Cozy Friday

Text by Olle - Living on Lamai Beach - Friday, May 28, 2010

Nala and Khun

Now we have had two days with good weather again. I also learned how fast a dead body gets decomposed in this climate. Well it was a body of a cat that I noticed during a walk. I guess it had died not long ago and it had not yet been covered with insects. The next day it was still there but it was swollen and insects were flying around. The third day I did not see it but only saw a something dark brown where the white cat had been. On my way back I took a closer look and I then saw that the brown color I had seen was not grass but it was the body of the cat that had become completely flat just as a think plastic bag. Even the head was completely flat which I thought was strange, only the teeth was intact. I guess the nature took care of it faster because of a shower during the night before but amazingly fast.

Yesterday evening we ate dinner in Lamai. We ate a nice pizza and Nui had a spaghetti with salmon because she do not eat meat. Khun Whi eat so little I have never ever seen anything like it managed to eat one slice before he was completely full. Nui as well got full very fast because she had already eaten a little bit before we went to the restaurant and I was full from the big pizza so I could not eat more. She asked to bring the pasta home since she had barely eaten anything but in the kitchen someone was a bit to quick and threw it away. They then prepared a new meal but for some reason not the same as we ordered but this time a carbonara, with meat. Well, the dogs liked it.

Before we went home we spent some time chatting with Anders and Khun got his old laptop which without doubt made him very happy. Thanks Anders you made his day. My laptop is resting in Bangkok and we still do not know if it will be able to repair it.

Today Khun got home from school before noon, it is a special day and they went to the temple and after that they were free to go home. The day is in memory of a person who was born and died on the same day but I must admit that I do not knew much about it. There are a lot of holidays here and even in Sweden I would not be qualified to explain the history of some of the holidays as well. Even though he had the laptop he got the day before he still had time to say hello to Nala before turning the computer on.

Late this evening not long after we had been walking with Nala and Black under a strong shining moon a huge thunder made the house shake and the lightning in the same instance was bright as the sun. We quickly shut down our computers while the flashes and thunder kept coming right above us. Nala got so scared she could barely walk because of her shaking legs. During the years I have only heard this kind of thunder at one or two times. It then was raining for a few hours and the thunder slowly went away. The weather changes is very quick and dramatic as usual this time a year but I guess it will soon be more stable.

Have a great weekend!

Unstable Weather

Text by Olle - Living on Lamai Beach - Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Yesterday just before Nui got home the wind started to blow in a very extreme way. It sounded as a truck went by but the sound never went away. I went outside and the sky was almost clear but the trees really struggled to stay in the ground. The day had been just great with mostly sunshine so this was a very sudden turn. Some minutes later it started to rain and Nui was soaked when she arrived at home. At the main road the wind had been making twisters and she said she actually got scared because it all came that sudden and the wind was extremely strong. The electric had gone out several times for only a few seconds.

We stayed inside and for a while the rain was pouring down heavily and our newly installed parabola antenna was choking in the water and lost the signal during the heaviest rain. When it was time for the last walk with Nala she was not very eager to go out since she heard it was still raining, even if just a little bit. She took a quick pee and ran back inside.

This morning it was very cloudy but at the same moment we opened the doors the sky turned blue. It really is amazing how fast it changes here. I notices Black standing in a strange way and when he tried to walk he struggled so that he was shaking and just managed to move the hips and take a small step. We did not know what to do and first thought that he had been run over or something else. We said that we would need to take him to the hospital but first Nala needed to get a short walk. Black wanted to follow and managed to get down the three steps from the porch before I got to help him. It did not look good at all and it hurt just to see him. However for every step it seemed to be slightly better and after only about 10 minutes he seemed OK which was very strange.

Our conclusion was that he must had been sleeping in a very strange position making his back or at least one of the legs got cut off from the blood. I really hope that it was like that and he has not showed any sign of problem after that. Now when thinking about it it is actually a little bit funny, he made us half panic for that reason and I examined him very thoroughly to see if I could find anything strange. The weather during the rest of the day was changing between fine rain and sun.

One Tooth Less

Text by Olle - Living on Lamai Beach - Tuesday, May 25, 2010

One Less Tooth

After more than two days and nights of traveling and waiting I got back to Samui and the mission was finally finished. On the way back the bus was full again, just as last time so I was not able to sit down from Had Yai. The bus left at about 10 in the evening and at 2 in the night I got to sit down. Hungry and tired as a wreck I could finally get some snacks and rest. I cannot with words explain my anger at that time when I saw that I would have to stand up after more than 40 hours of traveling and bad sleeping.

I got some extra energy from a bunch of youth who were talking about me as if I did not understand. I was smiling as any other one would have done and when we had a short stop I went outside and while passing one of the girls she asked in Thai where I was going. I turned around and said in Thai that I was just gong to the toilet. I guess she wanted to disappear for a while and after all the words they had been joking around with for almost one hour I would too if I was her. They were about to go to Samui as patricians in a hotel and at least I got a few minutes wasted by talking to them.

Today Nala got her surgery done. She had a bump taken away from the chest and also one tooth pulled out because it was all brown and dead. Even the gums above the tooth had gone brown. The great vet also cleaned all the teeth. The good thing here is that the price is so much lower than the crazy prices in Sweden. I estimate this operation to be 20 times cheaper here than it would have been in Sweden. It all went fine and she is almost back to normal at this time. The vet we went to is also the best one on Samui that even other clinics recommend when things are too much to handle for them. However we got a nasty surprise when she had just got the anesthetic. We found that she had hundred of tiny ticks all over her body and we removed far over hundred before then started the operation and the floor she was lying on was literally filled with blood. They were all very tiny and she must have got them all at the same time. The strange thing is that we gave her a good bath yesterday using tick shampoo as well. We also said that we are lucky she had not had more than just a few ticks during the last months. When we got back home we found ticks all over the bed and also in on porch. A few ones had climbed one of our 20 liter water tanks and managed to squeeze themselves in under the lid. Crazy, this was a record I would have skipped if possible. Tonight we will have to check her to take away the hundred she with out doubt has left.

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