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A Blog about the Daily Life on the Tropical Island of Koh Samui

Olle is blogging A few Words about Me

 My name is: Olle
 I am living in: Lamai Beach, Koh Samui, Suratthani, Thailand
 I am originally from: Stockholm, the capital of Sweden
 Doing for Kohsamui.org: Writing a blog about my life here
 How about my life here: Please read my blog below, my friends

A New House

Text by Olle - Living on Lamai Beach - Friday, Mars 19, 2010

Koh Samui Beach

Yet another day with sun again. I went on my regular morning walk in the heat. Along the road it has been a bad smell for days now, the smell of dead animal. That is a smell that cannot be mistaken. I would be quiet sure to say it is a dog as well. A few days ago I saw red spots on the ground but I never thought much about it until now. It might be the animal that is now making the bad smell that previously got hit by a car. I am not sure, just speculating but it would not be anything odd about it since it is kind of common here.

Before Nui went away we had the luck to get the opportunity to see a house only meters away from where we live now. A nice house far bigger than the small we have now, even if the house was not really that big either. It also had a porch with gates and a yard with gates and wall as well. However we will not be able to move in now but we have to wait one month. I cannot say enough how much I am looking forward to leave this miniature house. Getting a real bedroom, a real living room, and a real kitchen, and not only that but a yard as well. I think my nerves will not be able to hold back much longer but have to get myself a piece of land to build our own house on. Usually the weeks fly by fast as crazy, now with something ahead the time probably will slow down a little bit.

Today I went a short time to Chaweng Noi while driving past. I usually never go there but since it is right by the road I thought I could stop and just chill for a short while. When I got back to the house I got a nice welcome from both Black, who stayed outside, and Nala who was inside. Black has not left the house in two days now, more than a few shorter times and yet again I had to correct his behavior since he is protecting MY area. I have been a little unsure if I want to connect more to him since we might move if buying land somewhere. But since he stays here I kind of have no option so I now tech him to back off when I tell him so he can relax when dogs approach.

It is a little strange that all these dogs just pops up here. Neighbors have actually asked us why all the dogs come here, and I do not have any answer for that really. Now it is time for another walk and then a nice late Friday evening with some TV.

Have a nice weekend.

New Movie Channel

Text by Olle - Living on Lamai Beach - Thursday, Mars 18, 2010

During the first walk it was kind of cloudy which was nice. It has been to much sun lately. On our way back home the sun managed to break through the clouds and it became very hot, happily we were close to home. Black tagged along all day and got his first lesson in walking behind. Not always easy since he is not in a leash but after he got cocky to the neighbor dog and since he spend so much time at our house it was about time to let him know his position.

When I first came to Samui in 2007 we adopted a dog which then got a home in Sweden for about a year ago. Everything seemed fine. The new owner had the same thoughts about dogs and how they should be treated and she had good experience from dogs. Unfortunately the dog Ming, as her name is, was to much for her and after one year she is now part of my family in Sweden instead. It was not much I could do from here but since she has been with them before and know them it felt very good that they said that they could take her. Ming anyway seems really happy and none of the problem that was the reason for this appear in the new home.

Since the weather was unstable today Nui spent the day at home, I think she thought the day was kind of boring. We did not do anything special since I was staying by the computer most of the day. We thought it might rain for parts of the day but no rain ever came and the rain that fell a few days ago and filled up our neighbor bull has already gone dry to his despair.

During our late walk yesterday a young bull that walks around among the palm trees tried to play with some chickens. That was a new sight to me and obviously for the chickens too, who fled for their life leaving the bull alone again.

Even if the weather was not that sunny today I regret not taking an hour at the beach. Last time I went for a 15 second swim it was wonderful and I cannot really see the reason for not going there more often right now.

Now I will end this evening with some fruits in front of the TV. Our African movie channel disappeared today and when the signal was back the African channel had been replaced and they now aired a movie which had been filmed at the cinema with a camera. The sound was terrible and so was the picture. I bet it cannot be many countries where you pay for cable TV and get too see crappy copies. Not that I mind as long as the quality is slightly better, but it sure is a strange fact I think.

Fast Forward

Text by Olle - Living on Lamai Beach - Wednesday, Mars 17, 2010


The days right now goes faster than what they have done before, and even before they went by fast so now it is some kind of fast forward speed. I have no idea why it feels like that. As usual Black follows us on some of our walks and I have noticed that he wants to go towards all motorbikes and he should be happy that he is close to me because people slow down when they see him with me walking in the middle of the road. Everyday people have to almost stop completely because of him.

Since he is not in a leash it is very hard to correct him and I do not mind him much during the walks. At least he knows how to behave when it is time for food those times he arrives when I am about to give Nala her food. At first he was like a missile towards the food, but now he sits calmly while waiting, almost.

The days have not had much unexpected events but it all just floats on as in most parts of the world. I also have been spending more time inside than before but I hope that will change. The biggest news would be that Tesco have a lot of new cashiers which have resulted in problems everyday we have been there. Today it happened both times we went there. Now in the evening there were two lines open and both of them had problems. A pair of Russian people was waiting for a long time and then decided to change queue at the same time it was our turn to pay. The cashier then by mistake had charged us to much and had to wait for help. The Russians could not help laughing.

Now it is time to shut down the computer and rest my eyes, my head has been feeling very heavy all day. I probably have been drinking to little water.

Just a Regular Monday

Text by Olle - Living on Lamai Beach - Monday, Mars 15, 2010

The end of last week got a little bit stressed so I had no time to write anything. I had to do a lot of work and the days just flew by to fast.

At Saturday I was working all day and finally had finished what needed to be done. Nui was watching TV and the clock was just before closing time so I went alone to Tesco to buy some things. When I was about to pay I realized that I forgot our member card but I have a smaller one at my key chain as well but parts of the barcode is not totally visible. I asked the cashier if she could try and see if it worked and said that I had another at home so I did not need a new one and it was no problem if this one did not work. She stopped working, looked at me and asked if I was half Thai and shouted to her friends that "this white guy can speak Thai". Then they wanted to know my life story or something like that. I spoke a few minutes before I headed back home.

At Sunday we went over to our neighbors, they got a little girl only a few days ago so we gave them a little present. I have not been speaking much at all to the girl and she was surprised that I could speak and she as well wondered if I was half Thai.

What is this! Two days in a row, just for being able to have a conversation n their language. I do not think I even look a little Thai, ha ha. I personally think it would be a disaster speaking like I do if I was half Thai. They both said that I sound very much Thai when I speak so I guess I have to see that as something positive.

Later in the day we went looking at a piece of land. This land searching has stalled a little bit and I do not even know what I prefer my self. There are good things and less good things with most places and we have to make up our minds and play around with the though of living some distance from Lamai. As for now we do not know if we would like it or if we would feel like being alone in the forest and regret the whole thing, that would be a less good thing to realize. I know I like the thought of having a big land for many reason but to what price, That's the question. I think I have said it before. These things cannot be rushed, at least not according to me and in this situation as a full time residence.

The weather has been very good this weekend but on Thursday, if I remember right, it came a few showers during the day and it was kind of dark.

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