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A Blog about the Daily Life on the Tropical Island of Koh Samui

Olle is blogging A few Words about Me

 My name is: Olle
 I am living in: Lamai Beach, Koh Samui, Suratthani, Thailand
 I am originally from: Stockholm, the capital of Sweden
 Doing for Kohsamui.org: Writing a blog about my life here
 How about my life here: Please read my blog below, my friends

Where Did My Power Go This Time

Text by Olle - Living on Lamai Beach - Friday, February 19, 2010

I woke up with an enormous sneeze. I did not feel good. My head felt heavy and I had a sore throat. Damn, we forgot to put the fan on timer and it was also aiming to much to our heads. If I get a slightest wind to my throat during night I get ill. It is ridiculous really. Before I used to sleep with a scarf around my neck but I left that one in Sweden during my stay there.

I did not do much during the day, after I helped Nui with the usual things I did a little work then I gave Nala a good shower. She had a whole bunch of ticks, a lot more than usual and I do not know were all of them come from. Some of them were as small as a grain others big and left a bleeding wound. All together they were about 20.

After the shower I went to bed to get some rest, I really do not want to be ill again. I watched a Swedish comedy which was far more funny than what I had expected. I laughed alone more or less all the time and I believe the neighbors wondered what was that funny. When the movie had ended I snoozed for a while which I do not do very often during daytime.

When Nui got home we went to Chaweng to buy chicken and other things only found at Macro. On the way just outside our house we saw a snake slowly crawling on the road. It was to dark to see what kind it was. When we strolled around in Macro and went by the fish and shellfish section we looked at each other and nodded our heads. We both wanted to buy prawns again but we skipped the kind we bought last time. We went for the scampi this time. I really hope they will taste as they are suppose to do.

In the evening we had a short rainfall, I think it lasted for less than 2 minutes here, probably about one minute only. It is a little strange. At the beach road it rained a few more minutes. As usual the Friday feels a little special compared to other days even if we usually work on Saturdays as well. We will have a nice cozy scampi evening and they see a funny movie, again. Have seen a few already this week.

Have a nice weekend.

A Long Day

Text by Olle - Living on Lamai Beach - Thursday, February 18, 2010

Yesterday when we went shopping to Tesco we first went to a restaurant on the hill just before the southern Lamai where we ate a good nice meal. We stayed there just relaxing for a while after we ate before heading back towards Tesco.

Today I woke up, involuntarily, very early because Nala wanted to go out. Hmm, why did I write that her stomach has been good lately. We went outside and she ate some grass and if I would not have been so freaking tired it would have been a nice morning. The sun was still not up yet but was just about to rise. I went inside again and I actually got some more sleep and so did Nala as well.

Just before 9 o'clock the telephone rang, it was a guy from Hitachi who said they were already in Lamai and needed some directions where to go. Nui gave them the directions but they still did now show up. A few minutes later he phoned again and got some further direction and just minutes later they arrived. They first checked the refrigerator and took some pictures and then started to hook off the doors to replace them with new good looking ones. Now that chapter has come to an and, fantastic.

As yesterday we decided to go out and eat before going to Tesco. We choose a restaurant by a road that leads to the beach road. It is often crowded and the food is decent. We sat down and waited, no body noticed us, we sat down at a table just outside but anyway we thought day could keep an eye open since there were other customers around as well. After a few minutes Nui went to get contact and we got our menus. Minutes went by and Nui who was very hungry became frustrated because no one had split vision. Nui wanted to go to another restaurant but I insisted of staying. I cannot help smiling when she gets like this, just as I would react if it was in Sweden. In Thailand I have far more tolerance before being frustrated, at least most of the times. We ordered and they excused themselves for letting us wait. Soon after the food arrived.

Nui told me she had seen a lady, in the same age as her mom or something like that. She was collecting plastic and cans and Nui felt very sorry for her and gave her some milk cans she had used up during the day. The lady said she use to look at Nui thinking that she was such a pretty girl, and that she was working hard. She had a daughter in the same age she said. Nui had never noticed her before, she gave her an ice coffee and told her that we had a big pile of cans at home but the lady did not know the streets around here so she could not come bye. Hopefully Nui will see her again and hand over all the bags with plastic and cans.

The late evening today and yesterday as well have been very nice, not at all the same coldness as before. Evenings like these are magical and I just wish a had a big balcony or open terrace to lay down and watching the starts from. Soon, very soon.

Warmer Again

Text by Olle - Living on Lamai Beach - Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nala with Friends

Today I woke up at 9, Nala's stomach has been good lately which is great. I also think that bread is one of the things that make her stomach bad because two times after she god baguette she had ace the morning after. Yesterday she had rice and mackerel to dinner. Nui thought she needed anything a little tastier than her regular food and she also got to try some squid snacks without any stomach problems. On the first walk today we got company by Peuan and his girlfriend. Two dogs that regularly came to our house before. That's perfect and even if it was only for a short walk they followed us up close Nala understood that the same rules had to be applied here as with Black.

Today I went to the gym in the morning just as yesterday. It was hot as hell this morning and it was hard to stay focused. After a pleasant winter a few extra degrees added now really are noticeable, or maybe it has to do with the humidity as well. Tomorrow is a day off from the gym to let the body rest. I cannot remember the last time I was gaining this slow while on this weight, but again, I usually not work out without protein.

Nui's business is doing fantastic, I could not be more proud and happy for her. She is doing an amazing job and improve things to make is all easier and smoother. I thought she already reached the roof before but preparing a little extra before leaving seem to be a good strategy. People love the tea and coffee and think it is even more fantastic with a relatively young girl having this business.

Tomorrow it is finally the day, the day when we are getting the new door to our refrigerator. I do not take it to seriously if he do not show up but so far it seem as he really will. It is almost as if I do not mind since the refrigerator works fine, but on the other hand a defect like this must be fixed. The doors are really covered in strange spots. I am interested to hear what they say. I do not understand how they can appear like this and as they say, it has never happen before.

Now it is shopping time, the daily shopping in Tesco, then another dinner and a fun movie with an ice-coffee.

Small Dogs on the Menu

Text by Olle - Living on Lamai Beach - Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Today I got very angry, that was a long time ago. One of the neighbor dogs on a close by street always comes running when they are on their way to go somewhere and this dog is really tragic and barks to everything and nothing. Before she even see me or Nala she barks and usually she does not dare to come very close but stays on the street barking and 5 meters behind comes the smiling owner who stops right outside us until the dogs jumps on the bike and they take off. I usually just step towards the dog so he runs away but today I was inside when this poor bastard came running and he came all the way to the stairs leading onto the porch. Nala threw herself towards the dog and I ran out as a maniac trying to get a hold of her but the leech already stopped her. Three reasons why I get pissed off. One thing is that I am afraid Nala will get hurt when the leech stops her and since there are stairs that can easily happen. I also do not want the leech to snap off so that Nala get this little freak even if I sometimes in the heat almost want that. The third and most important thing is that I have to show Nala that I am in control all the time not least now when I have not had her for long. We meet so many dogs and I work to get her comfortable and behave good around all these dogs but neglecting dog owners really makes it hard. This dog is behind a fence all day and probably never ever had any rules. Next time it will not be a smile from me. It is very typical for owners of small dogs to treat them in a way that makes the dog end up in a psycho state of mind with enormous fear of everything.

The problem for me is how to approach this problem. Will the owner accept that I take care of this in a good way, probably the dog will run to them and they will do nothing and nothing is fixed. Or I can scare the shit out or him so that he do not dare to come barking here again, an option I could apply but certainly wished I did not have to use.

All day around here small dogs, and some bigger as well, barks in the neighbor hood without any reaction from the owners which does not amaze me since it usually is like this everywhere. Some tourists renting a house close by have been trying to get the dog to shut up but without success. It is not very easy to do that from distance and I am not sure if they gave up and found another house to stay in because I have not seem them today. I do not blame them, I hate barking dogs...

Sorry for the out burst. Aside from this the day has been great. Sun shine and more sunshine. I went to the gym in the morning for a change and it felt good to have that part done.


Text by Olle - Living on Lamai Beach - Monday, February 15, 2010

Nui - Samui

The weekend went fast as always. On Sunday it was Valentine's Day and a day with no work at all. I had got a vision about a nice place which I wanted to see if it was true so we went exploring some new areas at the same time in the very southwest part. This part of the island have some really nice resorts but most of it is pure nature. The place I wanted to check out is right next to the water and when we got to the spot it was just as I had imagined which almost gave me chills. A stretch of land with nothing around but nature. There also was a sign with a telephone number because it was for sale. However the telephone number did not work so we got no further with that, kind of annoying. We took a short walk at the beach and it was just as nice as last weeks excursion.

The weather, as always sunny and nice but today very windy. The sun very fast made new tan at my arms that usually do not get very much sun. Now when Nala is here I at least get out several times a day.

In the evening we went to buy big shrimps to make a nice dinner at home. We choose the kind with blue legs and claws. I planned on getting a kilo and when I checked the weight the first time it was only 350 grams and I got really surprised. When the bag was half full it was only 600 grams but we had enough we thought. We got asked if we wanted to have them grilled and we agreed. 20 minutes later they were done and we went home to prepare the other things. We sat down outside, the evening was perfect, around 30 degrees or just below and the sky was already filled with stars. We peeled a few shrimps and begun to eat. HORRIBLE, the shrimp was soft and powdery and for some reason a quickly swallowed it. We peeled a few more and the next one I tried was more ok but still hardly eatable. Nui ate a few as well but did not like them. We peeled them all and it seemed like all of them were the same. I gave one to Nala who usually loves shrimps and seafood and she dug in right away but after only half a second she spit it out.

I said to Nui that she should not eat more, even if they did not smell bad they were certainly not ok. She did not insist and ate a few more until she agreed. I went inside and prepared the regular chicken, very disappointed since we both were looking forward to a shrimp meal. The evening was still nice and we enjoyed the chicken a the company of each other.

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