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A Blog about the Daily Life on the Tropical Island of Koh Samui

Olle is blogging A few Words about Me

 My name is: Olle
 I am living in: Lamai Beach, Koh Samui, Suratthani, Thailand
 I am originally from: Stockholm, the capital of Sweden
 Doing for Kohsamui.org: Writing a blog about my life here
 How about my life here: Please read my blog below, my friends

A Sushi Friday

Text by Olle - Living on Lamai Beach - Friday, January 29, 2010

Lamai Beach

Today the weather was great, finally. Not that I care that much but it has been cloudy a little big too much lately. After taking care of the morning duties I went with Jessica to the beach. We went to a new place where Jessica were yesterday. We put our things on the chairs and I ordered some ice tea in Thai. The guy looked at me like he did not understand and I repeated myself. He looked at me and said something that sounded almost as what I just said but not really the same. He started to smile a little and I thought he might be joking with me. I repeated myself again but again he did not understand and he asked me to speak english which I did. This time he understood me and I asked if he did not speak Thai. I still was not really sure if he had only been joking with me or not. He then said he was from Burma and did not speak Thai which explained it all. He apologized which I thought was completely wrong, I just thought he was Thai. We got our ice teas and laid down.

Right away we got asked to buy sarongs, hats and if we wanted to get our feet peeled. I said that I was fine and that I liked my feet being a little hard which they were according to the lady and I said that it was better when walking in the hot sand and that I did not like having soft feet as a baby. She fast replied with asking why, adding that I had a face as a child. I do not know if I would have said thank you or not for that comment.

The beach was not crowded at all and I had placed my white body under a big parasol. I never thought that I would be like this, not caring about the sun but since I do not have all my friends working at the beach I prefer taking a swim a little now and then. The present years I have been dark enough to stay outside in the sun all day without thinking about sunscreen. Jessica said she never seen my belly as white as this before. I think she has but maybe not in Thailand. Even though I spent the few hours at the beach under the big parasol I got plenty of color. At the way back home we stayed with Nui for a while and got an ice cold coffee before heading back home to take a walk with Nala. When Jessica went back to the beach I stayed home to take care of some work.

Today we will have Sushi as dinner. I have not been eating Sushi for many months and I am really looking forward for this dinner, yummy. Have an excellent weekend.

Morning Drinks

Text by Olle - Living on Lamai Beach - Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lately the weather has been quite cloudy. Nala woke me up in the morning and we went for a walk. After a few hundred meters an old Thai man comes up on his motorbike to say hello but the second he stops he just falls to the ground and I have to take a quick step at the side to make sure Nala did not get the bike over her while I also try to help the man from hurting himself. He stays at the ground asking me to remove the bike from his legs. I also helped the man up from the ground and I realize that he is extremely drunk, 9:30 in the morning. Nala does not like drunk people and I had to make sure she understood that she did not have to be defensive, not very easy with a drunk man swinging his arm in from of her face saying hello, hello. He told me he was a little drunk, which was more than noticeable and I told him to drive carefully. When I went away he stand still for 10 minutes before making it back on to the bike again. A bit too many morning drinks under that skin. I then saw that I was bleeding from my foot, I had stepped in glass when I was about to get away from the falling bike. Just a small piece of glass was stuck in the foot and with help from Nui it was taken out.

I also had time to go to Chaweng to buy tea and some other things before I went with Jessica to the beach, but we only stayed for a few minutes then we went to Nui at the beach road. She was having a busy time serving her appreciated coffee and other drinks. We held her company until she was finished and we all went back home.

In the evening we bought some different food from a local store and sat on the porch eating. Very nice and relaxed.

Another Trip

Text by Olle - Living on Lamai Beach - Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Yesterday I went on the border run. The plan was to go on Saturday but since the mix up with dates in Bangkok I had to re arrange it and there was no trip on Sunday so I had to go on Monday. I got up soon after 4 in the morning and got picked up just after 4:30. A couple with a baby asked me if I was going to Ranong as well and I said that I would go to Malaysia and that the trips to Ranong was very bad in my opinion. The only trip to Ranong that is ok is called Andaman Club and that one is not available from Samui. This was the first border trip they made and they were happy to hear my opinion. On the way to the ferry I just kept thinking about they going to Ranong. I have never heard that this company have two trips the same day and at the ferry I asked the driver who said that the trip today was to Ranong. Damn, why did not the company told us when we changed the day. Even if I had gone one tuesday with one more day of overstay the price would have been the same because you have to pay 500 bath to get a 10 dollar bill which is needed to get into Burma.

At the border it all went very slow, and after checking out from Thailand we had to go by a boat that looked like a larger kind of long-tail boat with steering wheel in front the 20 minutes to Burma. On the way we got asked if we wanted to buy something, I was moderately amused by the sightseeing feeling they made the trip feel like. In Burma we as usual got crowded by 20 young guys asking us if we wanted to buy anything, and they do not take no for an answer. In stead of just ignoring them I started to chat a little, some of them spoke a little Thai others not. We checked in and out from Burma and I went back to the boat before the others tailed by 5 or 6 guys.

Back in Thailand the checking took forever. Very strange how the same job can take less than 15 seconds at the Malaysian border and almost 5 minutes here. It took a good while until everyone was back in the car and while waiting I chatted with the driver. He asked me why I did not go to Malaysia as usual and I said that the company said that there were no trips on Sundays. That was not really true. The driver who is the only driver for this company said he had 8 passengers at Sunday to Malaysia so that he still had seat left. Just what I needed to hear.

At 20:30 I was back home again. What is the reason for Thailand forcing us into doing these strange trips when I already have a one year visa, the answer I already know.

What a Trip

Text by Olle - Living on Lamai Beach - Monday, January 25, 2010


Now we are back on Koh Samui again after some days in Bangkok. It all started out quiet chaotic with problems getting a car and so on and we ended up going to Bangkok by bus. We talked to a neighbor who promised to look after Momem because the Dog Rescue Center was full and could not take her. We did not manage to make any distemper test because the center did not have any and the only bus to Bangkok was supposed to take off very soon so we did not have any time to visit a vet clinic. That felt harsh. The bus did not arrive at time but we had to spend more than half an hour waiting, enough time to go to a vet clinic and make the test.

At 5 in the morning we arrived in Bangkok, the trip went good but we were only able to sleep for a short while. Nui told me that the first time she went by bus on a long trip she got a seat next to a very fat guy who used part of her seat as well. He was talking to his girlfriend on the phone very loud for hours so she could not sleep. When the battery got empty and he started to arrange the pillow Nui finally thought she could get some sleep. However the guy started to snore loudly keeping her awake. Pretty funny.

We spent the first day resting to noon and then went shopping on some different places. I am not a big fan of Bangkok because of the heavy traffic. The next day we spent 3 hours getting back home. The time it took to get there was about 40 minutes, so as you understand the traffic is brutal. Aside from the traffic and the pollution, at least in the main city areas, it can be fun to go shopping and to see the attractions once or twice. Nui hardly never used to visit the popular tourist city area even if she lived all her life just outside, so she thought it was nice as well even if she were there for about half a year ago.

The day before we should pick up Jessica I realized that the day I had been focusing on was the day we would have to be in Bangkok, not the day she arrives. This confusion led to further problems. We first contacted the car company and told them about the mistake, and then I also had to cancel my planned trip to Malaysia. That mean that I would get one day overstay as well. Not a big deal but not really as I planned. At Friday we went to the airport to pick up Jessica and Nala. They came on time and it all went well in the customs. Nala did not show that much excitement seeing me as I had expected but after a long trip she usually act a little off. We went to our regular Suvarnabhumi peeing spot on the bottom floor and outside on the far right side in the park. I guess Nala thought it felt good to pee after a long flight like this.

We then went to pick up the car and took off. Nui had talked to a taxi driver and made notes on how to drive to get out from the city. Unfortunately the notes did not really seem logical compared to the real world and we had to ask other people. We got clear directions and after only a few kilometers we asked again to make sure. We now got told that we could not go the way we were heading but had to turn around and go back and got a few new directions to follow. Those did not help much and we asked more people. The directions we got before were completely wrong according to this guy and he said that we had to turn around and then turn right in the first intersection. So we did but then again, the reality made no cense to what he had said, we where heading east, back towards the airport. We Took the first off ramp and asked again. These 2 guys told us to get back on the bridge and head west, so we did. We had now passed the toll station a few times and when entering again we asked the girl in the ticket booth if we could go this way to get out from Bangkok. The obvious answer was, no, this way would later head north and was not a good option at all, we had to turn around and go another way. We could not turn around here but had to pay and then exit at the first off ramp to pass another toll station and then followed the directions she told. At this time we had spend three hours driving back and forth and Nui was furious about all the stupid people telling directions with out knowledge but only telling guesses as facts. We stopped again just to make sure and as usual we were heading completely wrong. This time I refused to just listen to the next guy since it obviously did not work and I said that we have to ask at least two or three people at the same place and see if they all say the same. The very helpful guy that we were talking to now first said one thing but after being questioned a little further he admitted that he was not 100% sure and flagged down a taxi to ask further. The taxi driver disagreed about the directions the guy said and we all talked back and forth for a while. When we then headed back to the car a friend to one of the guys who jointed the conversation came up to us and after a while he said that he could go with us. He felt sorry about that we had now spent three and a half hour driving around and he lived close by where it all gets more simple. He got in the car and gave me directions for about 20 minutes, driving on small roads to get away from the roads with heavy traffic. At a stop light he took off and we gave him a good tip. From there the few directions needed also made cense.

Spending close to four hours may seem crazy, and it sure is. If we had got a map instead of listening to all the crazy directions I guess we would have done better. Last year I asked a friend from Phuket if he could drive me to Bangkok but he refused because he said it is impossible to drive there. I thought it seemed strange, but now I understand. That time Nui's cousin who now lives on Phuket drove me to Bangkok. There are no signs telling you which way are heading towards the southbound highway and so on. From the bigger roads you only get two options and the road splits, and after a little distance the road splits in two ways again, and so it keeps on. Very strange!

These extra four hours I had to drive really killed me. After we driven almost 14 hours we came to the Koh Samui Ferry. We could have drove faster but with this car it was more comfortable to drive in a slower speed of 100 to 120 km/hour. At the ferry at 8 o'clock we were told that we would be able to go with the 10 o'clock ferry but we were lucky to make it already at 9 o'clock but it was only a centimeter away. We had to squeeze the car onto the ferry perfectly to make it and the workers gave me directions trying three times until they figured out how to place the car to be able to close the ramp. Lucky at last.

Nala is having a nice time in the sun, I hope she will be happy here with us. The sad part of all this is that Momem is gone. She went away in bad condition the last day before we got back home. That extra day that was not in my plans. Extra sad because if I had not mixed up the dates and if I had not mixed them up we would had one day more at home before leaving and we would have done the test to know if her illness were treatable or not. Now I am scared that she is slowly dying alone somewhere.

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